PARTYSKIRTS are worn by those who believe in celebrating life: spontaneous dance parties, fresh-cut flowers, weekend getaways. She sparkles - her eyes are flirtatious and her laugh is infectious. Palm Springs or Paris, Manhattan or Marrakech - the city is her play ground. She knows that two PARTYSKIRTS are better than one; her posse loves rocking their rainbow-hued minis. She is polished but never prissy, and can style demure ballerinas, brogues or sky-high heels with her skirt. Answers to “where did you get that?” daily.



Lauren and Mariel Armstrong are the fun loving sisters behind the PARTYSKIRTS phenomena. The Vancouver-based pair approach everything with a joie de vivre, whether baking over-the-top confections, hosting fabulous fêtes, or selecting the perfect shade of lemon yellow silk.

Lauren and Mariel co-founded SKOT when they received an overwhelming respose to their own hand-made PARTYSKIRTS they designed for themselves to wear. Realizing they were on to something, the Armstrong sisters decided to turn the PARTYSKIRTS phenomenon they were experiencing into a business, SKOT Apparel.