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October 08, 2014



The designers of PARTYSKIRTS are sisters, best friends, and coworkers—and they manage to make it all work. Lauren and Mariel Armstrong launched the brand after making skirts for themselves and promptly finding themselves inundated with orders from friends. The duo continues to add more colors and lengths each season, as well as a range of pieces to complete every PARTYSKIRTS ensemble. We got a chance to chat with the two about life, work, and their spirit shoe.

SHOPBOP: If you weren’t designers of your own line, what kind of day job would you have?
MARIEL: I would still love to work in fashion—ideally working in design or creative direction for another brand I love.
LAUREN: Something we had to learn quickly with our own business is the world of social media, and I have grown to really love it! I would love to do it for a brand I love and admire one day.

SB: Describe your personal style in three words or less.
M: Stylish, comfortable, and quirky.
L: Classic, sophisticated, and casual (we live in Vancouver, after all!).

SB: Love that you added “Lady Lengths” to your line! What’s the next big step for PARTYSKIRTS?
M + L: We are adding a third length this winter! A “Full Length” skirt, which everyone has been asking about for a while. It is such a fun and versatile alternative for black-tie attire. We also love it just paired with a tee, leather jacket, and flats for a dinner out. We will be adding more items to wear with PARTYSKIRTS for Spring 2015.

SB: When you are your own boss, it can be hard to strike a balance between work and play. How do you ladies do it?
M: It helps getting to work together. Whenever we are feeling run down we have each other to perk one another up. So sometimes work turns into play and vice versa.
L: We joke that we take turns having a bad day, but it is true. We also make an effort to do things together as sisters that don’t involve PARTYSKIRTS.

SB: Be honest—what are the best and worst things about working with your sister?
They kind of go hand in hand. But if I had to decide, I would say the best part is that we know each other so well and we have so much fun together. The worst part is that we fight, but it never lasts and that is because we are sisters.
L: The best part is that I get to walk into the office every morning and see my best friend! Every day is different for us, and it has been amazing to grow together. The worst part is when issues come up in our business and there is tension between us as sisters! But we are pretty quick to get over it, as we have had many years of resolving sisterly fights and we don’t have time to dwell on things.

SB: How would you style a PARTYSKIRT at the office?
M: I’d pair it with a T-shirt and Converse sneakers.
L: With a cashmere turtleneck, black tights, and a cute pair of flats.

SB: Just for fun: if you were a shoe, what kind would you be?
M: A Charlotte Olympia Kitty flat.
L: A Chanel ballet flat.


Fall 2014 Collection.

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