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September 25, 2014



Venice is a magical place that everyone needs to see at least once in their life! Sure, it is very touristy but you can look past that to see what a unique place it really is. The moment I got off the Venice Simplon- Orient Express we hopped in a speedboat and were zooming through the narrow cannels. I could hardly take photos fast enough. The buildings, the boats and the gondolas with the men in their striped shirts, there was so much to see!

Venice was very busy in September so we would wake up early to walk around the city, there was something peaceful about getting up before everyone else. I love seeing the cafés start to open and vendors wheel out carts filled with touristy mask and tshirts to buy. We did two day trips, one to Burano which is an Island known for its handmade lace, and then to Murano which is known for hand-blown glass. Both have so much history which is based on the culture these artisans have created. I loved visiting both and was sure to pick up a few things to bring home!

My mom's favourite city is Venice so I knew I wanted to arrange meeting Flytographer to take a few photos of us on our last night there. We had so much fun shooting with Marta! Venice was such an easy place to take photos in because everything is so beautiful. We started in St. Marco Square and wondered from there.

We finished our evening at the most wonderful restaurant, and had the best meal of our trip! If you are heading to Venice soon you must try Riviera. It was a meal (and evening) I will never forget!

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