Party Notes

August 13, 2014


Do you have a list of places you dream of traveling to? My sister and I both have a long list. Our mother announced to us a few years ago that instead of giving us presents for our Birthdays, she wanted to give us experiences. And what better experience is there than travel! So for my 30th Birthday I chose a trip to Istanbul.  I have always looked at colorful photos of Turkey and daydreamed about drinking Turkish coffee in the morning on a rooftop overlooking the city and then heading to the Grand Bazzar, and in the afternoon imagined relaxing at a Cenberlitas Hamami. When we decided to start our trip in Istanbul we knew we would have to TRY to make it on The Venice Simplon-Orient Express (something on both our bucket lists). We found out that the train from Istanbul to Venice (my mom’s favorite place) only departs once a year, so we booked it ASAP! Of course no trip to Europe is complete with out stopping in Paris… I really can’t wait to share this adventure with you.

Of course I am packing lots of PARTYSKIRTS! I am also so excited to be shooting with Flytographer in three different cities- Istanbul, Venice, and Paris. And I am almost more excited about the giveaway we have in store for you, stay tuned! Details will be announced the last week of August. 


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