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June 29, 2014

The Juicery Co and PARTYSKIRTS

We are not new to the world of juicing, but when we heard of a new juice joint that opened in North Vancouver by a fellow female entrepreneur Alex Troll we immediately ran some "errands" just to check-out The Juicery Co.  We were super impressed with not only the simple, yet polished decor, but the juices were AMAZING! 

After we both experiencing summer burn out even before the month of July has begun (hello warm late nights, weddings, sock hops,midnight bike rides, and hula hoop contests), we decided it would be the perfect time for a three day juice cleanse or what we call a reset.

Here are some tips we put together if you want to give juicing a go as well!

Support - call it the buddy system. We are lucky we have each other (and spend every minute together) to keep ourselves on track. So grab a pal to join you.  I think you would be surprised how many people are down to give a cleanse a go, they just need a little encouragement! 

Planning - make sure you pick three days in your calendar that are not jammed packed with social events! Everyone feels different while juicing but planning to lay low is always a good idea. We made a list of movies we haven't had the time to see. We are taking this time to curl up on the couch, catch up on Hollywood, and drink some herbal tea.

Goals - set a goal before you start your cleanse. Be clear on why you are doing it in the first place! How you would like to feel after the three days? Jot done a few points on a giant post-it (they are the best if you have't discovered them yet) and put it somewhere in your apartment, house, or castle that you can look at often. 

Fun - whatever we do, we like to make it fun! Add some silly or colourful straws to brighten your day!  You have six juices you can all "style" a little differently! 

Happy Juicing! 

Make up by Jasmine Hoffman

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