April 20, 2017

Check Out Our Interview with Gray Malin


•    Please tell us a little about yourself - where you live, what you like to do for fun, etc / Could you give us an overview about what your business is all about?

My name is Mariel Armstrong and I live in Vancouver! I am the co founder of a company called PARTYSKIRTS which I started with my sister Lauren. Lauren and I have always been extremely social as we got older we found it hard to keep up with always having a new outfit for the next event. Thats kind of where PARTYSKIRTS was born. We had our mom pull out the sewing machine and whip us up a few different things. The PARTYSKIRT was for sure the stand out item! We loved how fun they were to wear. We quickly had her make them in more colors and found we enjoyed wearing them together even more. Immediately we saw a overwhelming response from girls who would see us out. Everyone that came up to us would express how much they loved the silhouette and they wanted to know how they could get one too. We wore them out for years and the response never changed. So once we were both done school we sat down and decided to give it a fair shot. Four years later this is where we are. PARTYSKIRTS is such a extension of Lauren and I. We believe in celebrating the everyday and PARTYSKIRTS help us do that.

    •    When did you launch it?
We launched our company just over four years ago.

    •    What are the challenges as well as the joys of being an entrepreneur?
Being a young entrepreneur has had lots of ups and downs. I would say a challenge has been figuring things out. We haven't had much help along the way, its been a lot of error to find what works. That being said when we have a success or something amazing happen the rewards is so grand. As stressful as its been its also been a amazing learning exerpeince and doing it with my sister has really helped. Having a partner really makes all the difference. We consistently are each others cheerleader.

    •    We would love to know more about your style when it comes to decorating your home/dream space (what aesthetics/themes/details you look for/emulate)
I love a clean and bright space. When I first moved into my apartment it was so dark. The space gets a lot of natural sunlight but the walls had been painted a dull yellow color and it made the space feel so tiny. The first thing I did was paint everything white. Immediately it opened the space up. For my furnishing we picked simple but classic pieces. I brought life and color into my apartment from accents, such as my pillows and accent table decorations as well as florals that change seasonally.

    •    What inspired you to choose this Gray Malin print?
I was inspirited to pick Gray Malin Prints because they gave my space the color and life I was looking for. I have always been such a fan of his work and when I first saw his new image St Barths, The Wave I was in love. It was so bright and beautiful. I loved how simple it was but how well I could see if fitting in my space. Originally I had envisioned it over my bar cart by the kitchen but once I got it into the space I felt it needed to be front and center in the living room. As for Gray's latest Geometric Beach aerials from Italy I have always loved his umbrella shots they are so classic Gray Malin. If I has going to have Gray Malin a beach areal needed to be included! This one couldn't have fit my space better. The blue umbrellas compliment my blue accent chairs in the living room and the dark shadows make my black dining chairs really pop. The two photos were exactly what my space needed!
    •    What about the Gray Malin lifestyle brand do you connect with?
Gray Malin to me is super playful. Its bright and fun and quirky. That really is what I love about it. You never know what to expect but he is always so creative and defiantly does the unexpected.



November 03, 2016

Fall Frames with Iris

This fall we picked out some fresh new frames from Iris. Two things we always look for for when picking frames is a classic look but also something a little different. We both fell in love with with the rich dark tones of Zac Posen's collection of eye wear (he makes eye wear?! I know, we thought the same thing!) 
Lauren picked out a Marsala pair while Mariel gravitated toward a shade we call eggplant. Both of these colors are neutral enough to go with just about any color in the rainbow (see photos!!!) 
Another trend we are loving are clear frames! These transparent beauties from Tom Ford are unique butlet your own personal style shine through.
What are you wearing this Fall season to keep your eyes healthy?! Since we live in Vancouver, the Fall season means lots of cozy nights in with Netflix! Because of the harmful effects of blue light, it’s really important for us to protect our eyes by wearing lenses with a blue light filter.